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Decorating with Chocolate

Make your Chocolate Baking Even Better with Dr. Oetker

There are so many ways to decorate your baking with chocolate. Here on our decorating page we have collected some of our favourite ways to achieve a chocolate wow factor, such as chocolate curls, chocolate scrolls and run outs. You can learn how to do all these fantastic techniques by following our simple step by step instructions!

Making Chocolate Curls

  • When making chocolate curls, the chocolate needs to be slightly warm so that it is pliable. Warm it in the oven just until it is able to be moulded, but not so much that it begins to melt around the edges. 
  • Using a large knife or vegetable peeler, push or draw across the smooth surface of the chocolate block, applying even pressure to the blade.
  • Use your hands to help mould the chocolate into beautiful handmade curls!


Piping with Chocolate

  • A non-stick paper cone is ideal for piping small amounts of chocolate as it is small, easy to handle and disposable. Fill your cone with melted chocolate, fold the open end down and cut a tiny hole from the pointed end, around 3mm in diameter.
  • Alternatively, put a plain piping nozzle in the corner of a freezer bag. Fill it with the melted chocolate and twist the top of the bag tightly to seal it. Snip off the corner of the bag and squeeze gently to begin piping. 

    Here are our 3 favourite techniques for piping with chocolate.

    1. Line a baking sheet with non-stick baking parchment. Using your piping bag filled with your favourite melted chocolate, pipe any shape you wish such as circles, lattices or letters. Leave them to set for 30 minutes before peeling them off the paper and placing them onto your cakes, desserts and biscuits.

    2. Fill a piping bag with white melted chocolate and cut a tiny hole in the end. Pipe beautiful designs or messages directly onto your chocolate cake. 

    3. Make chocolate curls by covering a rolling pin with baking parchment and attaching it with tape. Fill a piping bag with your chosen melted chocolate and cut a tiny hole in the end. Pipe lines of chocolate going backwards and forwards over the rolling pin. Leave the chocolate to set in a cool place, then carefully peel them off the baking parchment. Use a palette knife to transfer the delicate shapes onto your cakes.

Making Chocolate Shavings and Grated Chocolate

  • To make chocolate shavings, draw a sharp knife or vegetable peeler across a room temperature block of chocolate. The size of your scroll will depend on the size of knife used, and which side of the chocolate block you use. Add to the finish of your cake by making them different shapes and sizes, these will look beautiful sprinkled over a large sharing cake! 
  • Grated chocolate is a great way to finish a dessert or warm mug of hot chocolate. Freeze the chocolate for a while before grating, this prevents the chocolate from melting in your hands, and will give it a beautifully fine finish.

Chocolate Run Outs

Chocolate run outs can look really effective and beautiful placed on your cakes and desserts, and they are surprisingly easy to make!

  • Tape 3 sides of a piece of baking parchment to the surface you are working on and slide a stencil underneath. Alternatively, draw the shape you want to make directly onto the piece of baking parchment several times, using a cutter as a guide. Circles are great for beginners, or why not try a flower when you are feeling more confident!
  • Fill piping bags with your favourite melted chocolate. Cut the end off one bag and pipe continuously onto the parchment, following the lines of your stencil or drawing.
  • Cut the end off one of the other bags, making the hole slightly wider than before, and pipe the chocolate to fill in the outline so that it looks slightly rounded.
  • Leave the shapes to set in a cool place, before carefully peeling them off the paper, and using a palette knife to carefully lift the shapes onto your cakes or desserts!
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