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Top Ten Tips for Healthier Baking

Try out some of these simple solutions to make your baking a little healthier and still delicious!


Simple Switching

Try using whole wheat flour instead of plain flour, it gives four times the amount of fibre in every batch of bakes! It can make the texture of your bakes slightly more dense, so you could try replacing half of your regular flour with whole wheat flour to see how you like the results.


Veggie Bakes

Try putting chopped fruit or vegetables into your cakes. Not only will vegetables add extra nutrients into your baking, they also help to add moisture as well as colour:

  • Courgette helps makes cupcakes really light and moist!
  • Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Squash go great with spiced cakes.
  • Carrots are rich in natural sugars and add great texture. 
  • Simply grate aubergine into your cake batters for added moisture.
  • Beetroot can add a beautiful red colour as well as a slightly sweet taste, it also goes perfectly with Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks' Dark Chocolate!


Due to the high fat and high cholesterol in egg yolks, why not try combining whole eggs with egg whites. 

To substitute 1 egg, replace it with 2 egg whites, or 2 sachets of Dr. Oetker Egg White Powder. But it's best to leave at least 1 whole egg in the recipe as eggs perform important functions in baked goods so they cannot be eliminated entirely.


Fruity Fun

Try unsweetened applesauce or other fruit purees instead of butter- it gives the same sweetness with fewer calories. This works particularly well in muffins and cakes. Use an equal amount to replace some of the butter, margarine or oil.


Go Bananas!

Use mashed bananas instead of butter or oil.

  • Replace half of the required amount with mashed banana and mix into your batter. If it looks too dry, keep adding more banana in small amounts until you have the right consistency.
  • As bananas are sweeter than butter, you can usually reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe too.
  • As you are removing the fat from the recipe, you should also reduce the eggs by half.

You're Sweet Enough Already!

If you decide to reduce the amount of sugar in your bakes, reduce it by a quarter. Or try reducing the sugar by half, and add a sugar substitute for half of that. Some sugar substitutes lose their taste when baked, so try to find one which says it is suitable for baking.


Change Butter for Better

Try replacing half of the butter or margarine in your recipe with Greek yoghurt. This helps to reduce the fat content, while still being moist and delicious. Or, for every tablespoon of butter or margarine you replace with heart-healthy oils such as walnut or canola oil, you eliminate at least 5 grams of saturated fat from your batch of bakes!

Try this Yoghurt and Poppyseed Loaf Cake, which uses yoghurt instead of butter.


Trial and Error

When experimenting with healthier baking, it is important to find what is best for you. Trial and error with different ingredient combinations is the best way to find what you love. It also creates a great excuse to get baking!


Lighter Icing

Typical cream cheese frosting is made with full fat cream cheese and butter. For a lighter version, try whipping together reduced fat cream cheese, icing sugar and Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Natural Extract!


Angelic Cakes

Angel cakes are a fatless sponge, which makes them a great alternative in healthier baking! Try making a chocolate angel cake and serve it with fresh berries, it has a fraction of the calories that would be in a piece of chocolate devils food cake!

Roulades and Swiss Rolls are also naturally lower in fat as there is no fat added to the sponge. Why not try our Zesty Lemon and Summer Fruit Roulade, made by Kimberly Wilson as part of the Even Better Baking Team!


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