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Pistachio and Chocolate Macaroons

This beautiful recipe was made for Dr. Oetker by the Guardian.

16 Portions

Difficult 120 Minutes



For the recipe  Pistachio and Chocolate Macaroons

For the Macaroons:

50 g Ground Pistachios (2 oz) ground
75 g Ground Almonds (3 oz)
125 g Icing Sugar (4 ½ oz)
90 g Egg Whites (2-3 egg whites)
Dr. Oetker Green Extra Strong Food Colour Gel
125 g Caster Sugar (4 ½ oz)
30 ml Water (2 tbsp)

For the Filling:

100 g Dr. Oetker 72% Extra Dark Chocolate




Pistachio and Chocolate Macaroons

To make the macaroons, Preheat the oven to 160°C (140° Fan, Gas Mark 3). Sieve the ground almonds, pistachios and icing sugar together into a large bowl. Add 45g of the egg whites, along with a few drops of Lime Green Gel Food Colour and mix well to create a paste. Put the remaining eggs whites in the bowl of a free-standing mixer, with the whisk attached.


In a small heavy-based pan, heat the caster sugar and water over a medium heat until the sugar crystals have dissolved and then bring the sugar syrup to the boil. Leave to simmer, keeping an eye on the temperature. When it reaches 114°C, start whisking the eggs in the free standing mixer. When the sugar syrup reaches 120°C, take it off the heat and carefully pour it into the eggs whites in the mixer. Whisk on a fairly high speed until completely cold.


Carefully fold the meringue mixture into the pistachio paste, a third at a time. When you've finished folding you should have a nice glossy mixture that flows in thick ribbons.


Line two baking sheets with baking paper, ensuring the paper is very flat. Put the macaroon mixture in a piping bag with a 1cm round nozzle, twisting the bag at the top to remove any air pockets. Pipe small 3cm circles, allowing some space between each macaroon. Leave the macaroons uncovered on the tray for around an hour until they form a skin – you should be able to touch the surface without any mixture sticking to your fingers.


Bake the macaroons for around 12 minutes until they have set. Leave to cool.


To make the filling, break the Chocolate into chunks and put in a heatproof bowl. Heat the cream to boiling point and pour over the chocolate, stirring well until all the Chocolate has melted and you have a nice glossy consistency. Leave to cool until slightly set.


Spoon or pipe a disc of chocolate ganache on the base of one macaroon shells and then sandwich with another shell. Leave to chill in the fridge for a two hours before serving.

1 portion = 37g

Nutritional Information for the recipe Pistachio and Chocolate Macaroons

Per Serving Per 100 g / ml
Energy 607 kJ
145 kcal
1645 kJ
393 kcal
Fat 6.58 g 17.79 g
Carbohydrate 18.27 g 49.39 g
Protein 2.91 g 7.87 g