Birthday Recipes
The best birthday party ever - here’s how

With these tips, you can turn your kid’s birthday into a successful themed party When it comes to birthday parties, each year presents a new challenge. Most of the time, you’ll want to give your kid a birthday party they’ll never forget. In order to achieve this goal, we have prepared some tips and checklists for you. With the right planning and a good theme, you can turn any party into a real banger.

When are we celebrating?
Where are we celebrating?
How are we celebrating?
What do we need for it?

Well, one thing is clear from the get go: We are celebrating a kid’s birthday! The question of “what we need for it?” is somewhat more complex and we have dedicated a whole section to this. As soon as it becomes clear when and where the event will be held, we can decide how. A theme is certainly helpful for this. With the right party theme, you can begin to target your planning activities. Questions such as “are we celebrating outside or inside” or “with games or without games” depend on the theme and the weather.


Then it is also important to consider whether the kids should be allowed to get involved with the preparations. There is, however, only one real answer to this: “Of course they should!” By letting the birthday boy/girl get stuck in with the planning and by gaining a stake in the event, the celebrations will actually begin before the party itself. The special person can select their preferred theme and craft and design as much as they like. This guarantees that the party will match your kid’s preferences and that fun will be the focus of the party.

What theme should I use? Mix & match it!

Themed parties have the advantage of providing a solid basis for all activities. The theme could be the birthday boy/girl’s favourite theme, such as horses or cars or even a mish mash of themes, as kids love randomised and phased themes. We have developed four creative cake recipes to match our themes. One of these will certainly hit the mark: a colourful dinosaur, a funny llama cake with cacti, a pretty flamingo with chocolate feathers and a cheerful bee cake with inscriptions.


These cake recipes will guarantee success. The cakes vary in flavour and size but the recipes are designed to be simple and allow combinations between them. A cake with the right themed template will become a focal point and the birthday boy/girl can choose a cake to suit their own taste. True to the motto of “mix & match”, you can customise the cake together with your kid to create their favourite combination.

Onto the decoration

To turn the party into a well-rounded event and in order to fully implement the theme, we have created some templates to reinforce the theme in the decorations. You can use the templates to “spice up” plates, cups and muffin cups. For example, you can attach elements such as honeycombs and feelers for the bee theme, as well as numbers for the birthday age and a “happy birthday” streamer. For the handicraft you will need:

  • scissors for cutting
  • glue
  • colourful pens to colour in the templates
  • colourful string for the streamer
  • colourful paper to match the theme
  • a wooden skewer


And finally, patience. But it will pay off! So grab the scissors, cut out the templates, get gluing and get the party started.

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