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Decadent Dark Chocolate Beer Cake

12 servings
Beer or Stout - take your pick. Both taste incredible in this chocolate cake recipe.
Recipe Tips
For a firm finish, chill the cake for 30 minutes before serving. However, once chilled, the Chocolate cream filling will set firm and the ganache with become firm and less glossy.
Recipe Tips
This cake has a very intense, rich chocolate flavour, so for something chocolatey without the bitterness of the Extra Dark Chocolate, replace half the Extra Dark Chocolate in the filling and in the ganache with Dr. Oetker Fine Cook's Milk Chocolate.
Recipe Tips
Prolonged chilling of this cake will dry out the texture. If the room temperature is warm when you are assembling the cake, you may find it easier to chill each layer of iced cake for a few minutes before you stack it.
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