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Halloween Monster Cupcakes

12 cupcakes
These fuzzy monster cupcakes are fun for the whole family to make this Halloween.
Recipe Tips
The great thing about making these colourful monsters is that you don’t need any special equipment. If you don’t have piping bags, choose a small plastic bag that is made from quite thick polythene. If the plastic is too thin, the bag may burst when you are squeezing out the icing.
Recipe Tips
Trim away the tiniest piece of the bag corner to pipe through in order to achieve the thinnest of piping; this way you will achieve the best “hairy” effect for your monsters.
Recipe Tips
If you’re not a fan of liquorice, check out the range of Dr Oetker Extra Strong Food Colour Gels which includes Black, so you can colour up your own Regal Ice to make it black.
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