Summer Fruit Berry Jelly

6 - 10 Portions
This refreshing jelly recipe is perfect for using up a large quantity of soft fruits particularly any that are slightly squashed or mushy.
On a hot summer’s day, you can’t beat digging into a bowl of chilled fruit jelly! This fun dessert couldn’t be easier to make in a hurry, plus it lets you use up any leftover fruit you might have hanging around your kitchen. Try making our summer fruity jelly recipe for your next family BBQ or ...
Recipe Tips
Using two sachets of Vege-Gel gives a firmer set so the jellies retain their shape once turned out of the moulds. For softer set 'wobblier' jellies, or if setting them in glasses, use one sachet. 
Recipe Tips
The mixture makes about 1.2litres (2 pints), serving six if you use 200ml (7fl oz) moulds. If you use small plastic moulds or dariole moulds, you'll make 8-10 jellies.
Recipe Tips
Why not pop some fresh berries into the glass or moulds when you have poured in the jelly, for an extra fruity jelly flavour. 
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